Remember who I am

26 October 2011

Today is an amazing day for me to remember who I really am.
I have come to believe that we have nothing to learn here on this journey, only to remember who we really are, and in this remembrance, we wake up to the truth inside our souls. This truth is always with us, if we listen and pay close attention, but if we are sleep walking through life, we will miss all of the signs, and to miss or ignore the signs is the difference between bliss and hell on earth.

This ability to remember requires that I live a very conscious and aware life. Taking in, all that I feel, and knowing that these feelings are nothing less than the power, which is God, inside of me.

To know that God is in me and I in Her is the greatest gift I can ever receive, yet I cannot receive it, for it is impossible to receive something that I already have, so how then do I “get” it?

The answer is simple and falls in line with the knowledge gained up until this point. I wake up, and in waking up, I am able to remember, and in remembering, I am able to become that which I already am.
Scot Spooner

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