Because I Remember

I love my wife with all of my heart and soul because I remember what my life was like with her not in it.
I cherish the relationship I have with my boys because I remember all of the holidays, birthdays and special times I missed with them.
I love soldiers and am mercilessly passionate about their quality of life because I remember their screams on the battlefield and what it felt like when they died in my arms.

I enjoy being warm because I remember being wet and cold for days on end.

I love my Freedom because I remember what it was like being hopeless and chained within the bondage of my self.

I love My Creator because I remember the vacancy  in my soul where He wanted to be.

I am one who easily forgets. There is no getting past that. But I can choose to Remember. When I Remember, it all comes back to me.


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One Response to Because I Remember

  1. Bruce Larson says:

    Very poetic and all so true. Your word resonate with many who have shared in the sacrafice of a life spent in the service of their fellow human. I sometimes pity the one who hasn’t had and didn’t take the two steps forward!!! They know not the true measure of freedom. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.

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