Obscene War Veterans

War is always and will ever be obscene, but faced with a greater obscenity- Slavery, I would fight. While war is obscene, those who go forward, who charge the machine guns, who bleed, who go down to the aid stations and who are put in body bags- they are not obscene, their sacrifices have no measure- theirs has a purity where mankind shines and is beyond corruption. I am not blasphemous when I say that in the brutality and evil of war, soldiers, who have offered themselves up so that their buddies may live, have in them the likeness and image of God. And damn those who debunk courage, valor fidelity, love of country, love of home, family, hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. Our soldiers give up much- that others may live, not only in freedom but even luxury. They deserve our great, great gratitude and affection because they are willing to serve. They are some of God’s noblest people.  General Cavazos

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