Enough of the PTSD classification

Many very intelligent people have tried to classify what happens to humans when they go through combat. They identify symptoms, name it and such. The only problem with that is they have not experienced it, therefor offer no real solution.
I have experienced combat and a lot of it. These are Truth’s that I learned along my journey.
This so called phenomena sometimes called soldiers heart, shell shock, battle fatigue, and the most inappropriate name “PTSD”, is not complex at all.
It is a human condition that occurs when anyone is a part of War. It is my experience that we were not meant to harm other human beings. That being said, I also believe that some folks need killing. I do not regret the actions that I have taken being part of the war. I just did not know the price tag for doing what I still know to be the right thing.

This is the deal that no one explained to me, because they didn’t know. It matters not the “cause”; God, Country, family, protection, removing humans that cause terror, horror, torture, suffering and effect hundreds of thousands or more other humans. A price will be paid by one that removes those humans from this life. I did not know that. Knowing that…..I would not change anything I have done. I am a warrior, a protector of my people, my brothers keeper, Shepard etc. That is my gift my talent, like many others.

I cannot escape the fact that I am a human. I cannot escape the the universal laws that govern the human experience. I do begin to get relief when I know why I am struggling so much with the things in my life I love so much, after war. Just knowing exactly what the “problem” with me is, helps so much and empowers me to continue on my Journey.

Veterans are committing suicide at a rate of around 16 a day. That is a fact. If any other group of American citizens were doing this it would be classified as an epidemic and our Nation would throw money and support at it from a national perspective. That is not what is happening. The opposite is occurring.They are taking more from us and helping less. So instead of assuming the victim role and blaming our so called “leaders”, we will do what warriors always do, take care of business our selves.
Stay in the fight!

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2 Responses to Enough of the PTSD classification

  1. I really got a lot from this piece – great work.

  2. Eric Hornback says:

    Astounding article!!! Another war needs to waged…one on PTSD…not the troop who has it but the issue itself. This foe needs to effectively confronted and defeated!!

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